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EPDM Flat Roof Installation and Advice

Q. Is it easy to lay an EPDM Rubber Flat Roof System?

A. Yes! Anybody can install the system. Easy to follow instructions can be viewed on the complementary instructional and training DVD showing how to install all EPDM flat roofing systems.

Q. Do I need any special tools to install the system?

A. A staple hammer is handy for fixing geo textile underlay, but other than that you only need the usual handyman tools such as saw/screwdriver and hammer etc.

Q. Do I need to replace any flat roofing timberwork?

A. No! Not unless it's rotten or water damaged.

Q. Do I need to strip the flat roof felt off my roof before I start?

A. The mechanically attached and ballasted systems can be laid directly over existing felt. The felt would need to be removed only if the flat roof decking is water damaged. If the flat roofing timber is in sound level condition and is not rotten, then the felt can be left intact.

Q. How much does the EPDM weigh?

A. It is 1.5 kg per sq/m. Typically, a 6 x 3.5 (21 sq/m) sheet for a flat roof garage would weigh 31.5 kg

Q. Does the roof need to be perfectly dry before installation?

A. Your roof will never be perfectly dry as all flat roofs have a certain amount of water retention although the drier the better. EPDM rubber membrane breathes due to it being air permeable assisting in flat roof ventilation.

Q. Can it be covered with flags, blocks etc

A. Yes it can be flagged or concreted over. Wooden decking can also be applied over. Perfect for use for a flat roof patio or veranda

Q. What Flat Roof System is best for me?

A. The three systems are designed for differing flat roof constructions, existing flat roof materials and the condition of the roof. If your flat roofing timbers are water damaged and you have to replace them, then the fully bonded system is appropriate where the entire membrane sheet is adhered to the new flat roof substrate. If the felt roof is in dry level condition, then the ballasted or mechanically attached system applies. Of the two, the mechanically attached system is more expensive but adds extra security.

Q. What if I get stuck during installation?

A. No problem! Refer back to your instructional DVD. Still stuck? Just give us a call and we will talk you through the job step by step in simple terms.

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